Soon later on, she found out you to their dad got developed a fake relationship ranging from the lady and you can Raku Ichijo

First year Arch [ ]

Chitoge lived-in The united states, however, she up coming gone back to Japan to have Adelt Wogner Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s father) company. She despised Raku into the beginning of the “fake like,” but she in the future warmed up to your. Following the school travel, in which Raku found the lady alone at night tree, outfitted once the a ghost, she expected your to-name the woman from the this lady first-name, “Chitoge” and therefore she’d phone call your “Raku,” because the these are generally “dating” to own a long time, somebody create start denying its matchmaking when they handled one another formally. For the situations of coastline to the summer travel, she starts to realise one the lady genuine emotions to possess Raku. But not, when she requires him in the event the guy thinks which they would work together while the a genuine couples, Raku reactions intensely stating “however they would not.” However, however told you which feedback within the pretext of their usual banter. Chitoge, taking the remark just like the a sign of getting rejected and you can hatred, starts to sulk and give a wide berth to your completely.

Immediately following june trips, their category holds a good “Romeo and you may Juliet” gamble, as well as basic picked Raku and you may Chitoge to act since the chief characters, however, she denies the latest part, very its category then chose Kosaki Onodera. Once a situation in which Kosaki injures herself sometime through to the play, Raku begs having Chitoge’s help (because he does not want the new gamble getting terminated because of Kosaki) despite this lady cooler attitude, that she believes, as well as in the end resigned and you will solved the brand new misunderstanding between them. It actually was within the play, one to underneath the guise of your outlines, she accepted the woman love for him.

Second Year Arc [ ]

She turns out losing getting Raku Ichijo, and spends this lady go out seeking press compliments regarding his throat. She together with tries to features a lot of time by yourself with Raku Ichijo.

Third Season Arch [ ]

To help you lift up Raku Ichijo’s comfort away from Marika Tachibana’s departure, Chitoge attempts to head to locations that he enjoys, eat their favorite food and play his common arcade online game. Pursuing the date, Raku finds out his fascination with Chitoge and she starts to see Kosaki Onodera’s attitude for Raku immediately after overhearing this lady monologue.

24 hours later, she overhears Shu Maiko talking to Raku and addressing Kosaki as the Raku’s love, and you will left before reading Shuu covers Raku’s need for this lady. Ripped aside entirely, she erica in order for her “bogus relationship” never keep Raku back and she will assist Raku and you may Kosaki dating sites voor outdoor mensen wetenschap kunstenaar getting along with her.

Chitoge gets Hana Kirisaki’s (Chitoge’s mother) secretary inside her organization in Nyc, appearing significantly more effective than just anybody in her company, better yet than just Raku when he are Hana’s secretary. She actually is installed a shameful status whenever Raku and you can Kosaki visited The united states to find the lady. She seems to end Raku, but found Kosaki exactly who face this lady together with her impression. She lies so you can Kosaki and you will said she never enjoyed him. Subsequently Kosaki informed her to not work at.

Impression you to definitely the lady final promise is for their become this new Guaranteed Girl, she develop interested in knowing what really goes 10 years ahead of. Hana decides to assist their and you may tells where her where she are able to find Raku’s mommy, mcdougal of the image book “Zawse in love”. Raku’s mom offers their stories on the guide lastly books their toward Tenku plateau.

At Tenku plateau, she actually is reminded of the many events away from a decade and you can just how she got willingly abandoned the genuine key to Kosaki. Now that it is clear so you’re able to the lady one to this woman is just a fake, she chose to quietly departed, in order to end up being confronted by Tachibana. Impact you to definitely she owes Raku a beneficial confession, she made a decision to get back. Raku captures doing the woman and you can she confesses their love that have her to your. However when Raku verifies you to definitely his choice is her, she turns so you can and welcomes your.