The utilization of nutrient salt (Seltin) was also assessed

This new questionnaire try especially aimed at quantitatively determining magnesium and you can calcium on eating plan, off serving sizes and rehearse out-of local regular water inside beverages along with cooking.

There have been twenty-one or two questions about the consumption of whole milk and milk products, fish, meat, bread and cereals, good fresh fruit, make, wild and edibles and you may five questions for the usage of alcohol, drink, normal water and you will plain tap water oriented beverages (java, tea, juices etcetera).

The brand new Department out-of Scientific Nutrition analyzed of the individual intake out-of magnesium and you can calcium. Private basal k-calorie burning (BMR) are calculated based on Schoefield ainsi que al. based on gender, many years, weight and level . Contained in this inhabitants, the brand new daily overall time expenses try projected to be step one.5* BMR. This contour was applied as an indication of the newest portion proportions (brief, normal otherwise highest) for principle meals inside them data. To many other types of food, home strategies eg container, scoop, cup, slices an such like., and you will fundamental section size centered on Swedish conditions were utilized .

Study having calcium and you will magnesium articles for the delicacies was obtained from dinner dining tables within the “Swedish Food Data base” from the National Eating Administration and away from suppliers analyses off mineral liquids and you can regarding genuine plain tap water analyses. Getting eating dinners such as for example rice, folded oats, beans (peas, beans, lentils) and you will, pasta, the new calculations have been made into dry lbs, incorporating a suitable quantity of regular water or whole milk, to your thinking. The newest quote out of fat loss calcium and you can magnesium, produced by regional regular water try according to water analyses and you will the individual quantity of drinking water utilized, along with food preparation and you may products.

Lab steps

Bloodstream is actually removed just after an over night prompt, no liquor the final twenty four hours without puffing the new history step three period, by the venipuncture and in Vacutainer Tubes. Analyses have been made on Lab out-of Systematic Chemistry, Central Health during the Karlstad. Calcium and you may magnesium stuff in whole blood, solution, muscle and you can pee are dependent on nuclear absorption spectrophotometry. Glycosylated haemoglobin, HbA1c, was influenced by the ion exchange HPLC means. Liquids products was indeed used offered container in the research on the this new early morning of the visit to medical hub and you can analysed to possess magnesium and you can calcium. The outcome got within the milligrams/l.


Differences between organizations out-of carried on parameters was indeed analysed having fun with Student’s T-test and, to have parameters judged due to the fact skewed, the latest Mann-Whitney You-shot. Away from categorical details the fresh chi-squared shot was utilized. Correlations was basically computed having fun with Spearman’s review-correlation coefficient.

Multivariate linear regression was performed to test the fresh new cousin need for situations maybe adding to the brand new adaptation in exposure foundation accounts. A good stepwise procedure was utilized, in which items not notably adding was excluded. Residuals were searched to own normality and you can presented no disturbing features.


Desk dos reveals detailed socio-economic investigation. Decades and you will sex have been comparable on communities. Anyone informative peak try large regarding the east local government. The folks throughout the west got citizens on local government so much more ages compared to the fresh new east.

Dining table step 3 reveals health variables of your own members. This new incidence off previous cardiovascular problems, hypertension, Bmi and you can all forms of diabetes did not differ involving the communities, neither did the effective use of medication. Systolic hypertension is actually large, and you will smoking more prevalent on eastern than in south-west.

Research variables is showed from inside the desk 4. The fresh new imply s-cholesterol levels is somewhat high from the western, since the is actually the level of s-LDL-cholesterol levels and you will LDL/HDL. H2o offered by the fresh municipality was used from the twenty four.5% in the east local government and you may 61.5% regarding western, the remainder having fun with private wells.

The total stiffness regarding liquids, identified as the sum of calcium supplements and you can magnesium, for the family h2o in the a couple of municipalities is showed in Contour 1.