What does Gi Jeong Look for Throughout the The woman Preference For the Boys?

Chang Hee’s insecurities is actually a classic example of exactly how men will become within the a romance, a matter that is seldom discussed

Gi Jeong scares this lady date away because of the telling your just how she carry out bravely grab the fresh severed head out of their later spouse while the a sign of true-love! It irritates Chang Hee, and then he says to Gi Jeong one to her ideals of love manage not get into this era. Still, Gi Jeong doesn’t shy off getting the girl honest and intimate thinking. She faces the girl company, Jin U, to possess excluding the lady while you are giving out gift offers to any or all from inside the work; he responds by the saying it had been a subconscious error. Over restaurants, Gi Jeong says to your how most guys subconsciously overlook the lady, for example the guy performed. Jin U teaches you that each and every person possess a different perfect for romance and that she has not yet met a person who’s the lady greatest method of. He tells Gi Jeong that more than mere sense of humor and personal gestures, she looks at the brand new center away from a guy and you can values his noble thinking for the lives. Jin U’s insights create Gi Jeong consider their choice within the males. Because a token away from apology, Jin You brings their ten current savings additionally the two getting friends.

Gi Jeong has been troubled together appears and you will determines to behave real to fix they. She would go to a charm associate to alleviate her skin, which turns out to be the woman college buddy Gyeong Seon who is even Tae Hoon’s elder-sister. In the event the one or two take products from the Gyeong Seon’s nearest and dearest cafe, she meets that have Tae Hoon. Irrespective of its earlier in the day awkward come upon, Gi Jeong initiate seeing Tae Hoon within the an alternative white. She now offers your one of his present coupons while the an enthusiastic apology. Gi Jeong was leftover upwards all night by this lady newfound interest for Tae Hoon, while the she sees him once the the woman better son. Even in the event sisters, Gi Jeong and you can Mi Jeong not merely search other also features opposite characters. While you are Mi Jeong are an enigma to any or all, Gi Jeong likes getting simple and you may cannot shy out of saying the woman extreme thoughts. When you’re she may seem superficial on the surface, she’s a deep individual that craves a meaningful relationship when you look at the her existence. Between the around three siblings, Gi Jeong’s soul is that of your own protagonist away from a romantic flick who’s doomed to have a sensational lifetime.

‘My personal Liberation Notes’ Episode cuatro: Ending Said – Exactly what are the Hints Within Mr. Gu’s Earlier?

Despite cracking Mi Jeong’s cardio, Mr. Gu appears to be a guy whom simply lifetime incognito for most unknown reasoning. While he looks cold, the guy selflessly protects the trick off Mi Jeong’s personal debt helping the fresh new Yeom relatives. He shields Mi Jeong against hooligans and assists her father (Yeom Je Ho) by getting his rightful commission right back from an unruly customer. Mr. Gu is fine with providing tall strategies (possibly criminal) to help anybody; that it demonstrates to you the latest probable reason behind him taking washed out into the the prior bout of “My personal Liberation Notes.” He even offers to acquire Mi Jeong’s cash back using force, but she refuses because she doesn’t want when deciding to take tall measures. Still, the new Yeom family relations (particularly Mi Jeong) trusts your even though some information on their lifetime search fishy.

Create Hwan tells the newest Yeom siblings on which the guy noticed in Gu’s sipping habits. Mr. Gu transform his consuming position (inside the home) according to just what time of the day it is. He plus features several cups and you may takes turns with every, hinting that he is completing the brand new gap of a few loved ones (out of their prior). In some glimpses of flashback, we come across just how Mr. Gu got off at a train prevent and is speaking dating a younger man in your 40s into the a visit which have an (unknown) acquaintance if you find yourself a lady yelled on record. No matter if Chang Hee requires him from the his earlier in the day, he responses which he got away from on incorrect stop. One-day, whenever you are employed in industry, Mi Jeong’s hat is blown because of the wind across the a link. Gu instantly offers to assist by unimaginably jumping across the connection and you will back! Gu’s leaping design suggests that he may was competed in sport previously, increasing our fascination for the next occurrence.

Immediately following a shock encounter having Ye Rin close Dangni Channel, Gi Jeong realizes that Chang Hee are the person who distanced himself from the woman! When she faces him to possess jeopardizing their dating, Chang Hee bursts aside exactly how useless he considered with Ye Rin. He may constantly sense one to Ye Rin was dissatisfied having him and you will felt she earned better. Which, to ease himself throughout the soreness of against this lady, Changes Hee decided to point himself. Nothing does the guy remember that Ye Rin, as well, possess good attitude having him which will be perhaps not more him. Guys battle to talk about their thinking because the easily while the women do, causing them to take steps that they after regret. Watching an effective mans side of the tale try a refreshing plot bit that this crisis even offers.